COVID-19 Research and Collaboration
As with all UC San Diego schools, we remain focused on ensuring that we take action to protect our community and the communities beyond our campus. The Center of Machine-Integrated Computing & Security is researching and collaborating with other departments within UC San Diego, with industry leaders and with government entities to find solutions to the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Our latest initiative! Test phase for contact tracing app begins!! TraceCORONA: UC San Diego MICS and TU Darmstadt Partners in Germany provide a secure and privacy-preserving contact tracing app and communication platform against COVID-19 To obtain the app for testing please refer to

Our hardware acceleration and system optimization engines are automated – yet customized. We get best-in-class results. [Download a PDF of our brochure]

Real-time and Interactive Machine Learning
From low-power sensor nodes and mobile devices to data centers and the cloud, our customized performance optimization engine is automated and works across platforms. Our solutions integrate adaptive data collection processes with training, learning, and inference in real-time and streaming applications.

Optimized Deep Learning
Our framework allows for training of deep learning networks that are platform independent, and scale from sensors to mobile to data centers. We were the first to build and demonstrate deep-learning training on mobile devices.

Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems
To secure cyber-physical systems, we fully consider hardware, software, algorithms and data – and their isolation and interactions. This allows us to offer new approaches. Privacy-preserving computing is another focus. Secure embedded medical devices and privacy-preserving DNA analytics are just two examples.

Industry Partners