Partner with Us

We work collaboratively with industry partners to identify and solve their toughest challenges.

Join the UC San Diego Center for Machine-Intelligence, Computing & Security (MICS) to gain access to faculty, researchers, and graduate students who are transforming the way hardware, software, algorithms, and data are integrated in order to achieve scalable analytics and security.

MICS provides industry partners with a coordinated research environment through which technical and research challenges are tackled in a collaborative environment.

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Partner Benefits

  • MICS Advisory Board Seat

  • Research Summit & Board Meeting Invitations

  • Recruit top students via partner-only events

  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary researchers with shared focus

  • Embed a 'Visiting Industry Fellow' in our labs

  • Industry-faculty-student research teams

  • Custom engagement plan for research and talent

  • Fast-track research agreements

  • Access to commercialization engine with lab-to-market focus

Industry Partners