Hypatia Dissertation Fellowship

Named in honor of the ancient Greek mathematician, the MICS-Qualcomm Hypatia Rising Stars and Shining Constellation Fellowship Program is an integrated mentoring program, funded by Qualcomm and UCSD MICS Center, for PhD students.

Who We Are

UC San Diego's Machine Intelligence, Computing and Security (MICS) faculty has organically grown to be the world’s most gender-balanced engineering research center with a record number of diverse former PhD students and postdocs becoming stellar researchers in industry and research labs. Capitalizing on our unique record, MICS has partnered with Qualcomm to establish MICS-Qualcomm Hypatia Dissertation Fellowship: a force multiplier to increase our impact and grow our constellation of shining and rising stars. 

Named in honor of the ancient Greek computing scholar, engineer, and mathematician, the Hypatia Dissertation Fellowship annually recognizes a promising PhD dissertation with significant technical as well as diversity and equity impact. The program solicits competitive nominations and provides financial support for the fellows' activities for the duration of their dissertations (up to 3 years) and consists of an integrated faculty and peer mentoring program for Ph.D. students. The aim of the program is to create a constellation of rising stars dedicated to advancing the technology frontiers as well as broadening the participation of underserved communities in computing, technology, and engineering. 

Housed within the MICS Collaboratory at UCSD, the program will provide a dual collaboration space and faculty-peer mentoring network for our shining constellation of Hypatia Fellow rising stars. Building on social scientific findings on the value of role models, cohort and community, and vision and imagination, the MICS-Qualcomm Hypatia Fellowship will create a constellation of stellar researchers whose visibility and impact will only expand the organic diversity of MICS Center at UCSD.

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